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SweCham Company Visit to Volvo Car Thailand Central Distribution & Training Centre, 23 April 2024

On 23 April 2024, as part of the SweCham Sustainability Working Group activities, the SweCham Team, along with our members and friends, had an exclusive visit to Volvo Car Thailand's innovative warehouse, Volvo Car Thailand Central Distribution & Training Centre (VCT CDTC).  The visit offered participants valuable insights into both Volvo's sustainable initiatives and their cutting-edge warehouse technology.

During the tour around their facility, we also had the opportunity to explore their warehouse management process.  In addition, we were particularly impressed by how Volvo Car Thailand is utilising advanced technologies to transform their entire vehicle production process towards sustainability.

These were the highlights from our visit:

♻️ Sustainability at its core  

The VCT CDTC, capable of storing up to 550 Volvo cars, utilises 100% renewable energy sources, including a solar roof that is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 215 tons annually!  They are also committed to battery recycling and expanding their electric vehicle range. 

🚗 Cutting-edge technology 

The warehouse boasts a high-tech management system, the Volvo Car Centralise System, which ensures efficient distribution of vehicles and parts across the region.  In addition, this system is designed to support Volvo's long-term plans for Thailand. 

Quality you can trust 

Volvo's comprehensive warehouse management plan integrates five key functions: Distribution Centre, Pre-Delivery Service, Parts Distribution Centre, Training Centre, and Press Car Centre.  This ensures a high level of care for every vehicle before it reaches its owner!

Aligned with their mission to give people the freedom to move in a personal, sustainable, and safe way, Volvo Cars is leading the way in transformation.  They aim to be a fully electric car maker in Thailand by 2025 and are committed to ongoing carbon footprint reduction with the goal of climate neutrality by 2024.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Volvo Car Thailand for hosting this insightful visit.  Special thanks to the Volvo Car Thailand Team, including Mr Chris Wailes (Managing Director), Mr Thanomsak Santhanaprasit (Business Development & Customer Experience Director), Mr Prasong Chaoumbri (Central Distribution & Training Center Manager), and Ms Thitirat Sripanngern (Government Affairs Manager) for sharing their expertise with us.

Finally, a big thank you to all the participants who joined us!  We hope you enjoyed the tour and learned as much as we did!

To learn more about Volvo Car Thailand, please visit

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