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Celebrate Sweden's groundbreaking innovations with SweCham's Bangkok Post Supplement!

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6 Jun 2024

🇸🇪 Happy Sweden's National Day! 🇸🇪 

Celebrate Sweden's groundbreaking innovations with SweCham's Bangkok Post Supplement!

Today, as we celebrate Sweden's vibrant culture, rich history, and inspiring traditions, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Bangkok Post Supplement on this momentous day!

Dive into our new edition, themed ‘Sweden, the home of groundbreaking innovations.’  This edition celebrates Sweden's remarkable contributions to the world from the propeller to Spotify.  Enjoy exclusive interviews and insightful articles, highlighting Swedish innovations that have shaped global development. 

This year's edition features 

📰 An exclusive interview with Sweden's Minister for Foreign Trade 

📰 A captivating ‘Did You Know?’ article highlighting lesser-known Swedish innovations 

📰 Insights from leading Swedish companies and SweCham's friends

A special thanks to our Content Sponsors: ABBAmrapur TailorsElectroluxEricssonHitachi EnergyProject PerformanceSAABScania, and Tetra Pak. Your invaluable support is greatly appreciated!

Join us in celebrating Sweden's National Day and explore the Bangkok Post Supplement today!  To our Swedish friends, may your day be filled with pride, unity, and joy.  Let's celebrate together!

The printed supplement is a part of today’s daily Bangkok Post newspaper, so grab your copy today!

If you cannot find the printed version, read our special edition online here: 

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