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SweCham attended Ericsson Imagine Live: Realising the value of 5G

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14 Sept 2023

On 12 September, SweCham President Peter Björk, Vice-President Tomas Julin, Treasurer Daniel Lindgren and SweCham team attended The Ericsson Imagine Live event!  Ericsson is a global and local leader in the telecommunications industry with over 100 years of presence in Thailand.  Mr. Igor Maurell, President of Ericsson Thailand’s inspiring welcoming speech showed both Ericsson's innovativeness and their commitment to Thailand's ambition, 'Industry 4.0'.

Ericsson's 5G Leadership 

Ericsson's dual-mode 5G core, the 5GC, has allowed Ericsson the ability to leverage current networks for their 5G network.  With a presence in 152 markets and 5G in 65 of them, their commitment to global connectivity through innovation is truly shown. Ericsson operates 50% of the world's 5G traffic outside China. To improve Thailand's 5G infrastructure, Ericsson highlights the need to adopt the 3,5 GHz Bandwidth for 5G. The midbands will deliver the most value to enterprise and consumer needs.  

Sustainability and Efficiency 

Dr. Magnus Ewerbring, CTO of Asia-Pacific, highlighted how Ericsson's commitment goes beyond mere technology. He underscored their ambition to achieve net zero by 2040 and reduce emissions by 50% in their supply chain and portfolio by 2030, and 40% less energy consumption on their typical sites by 2025. Higher efficiencies allow for more sustainability, breaking the energy curve.

Emerging Technologies 

Dr. Ewerbring spotlighted various emerging technologies, focusing on the development and the future of 5G. Services that will rely on this development are for example virtual reality (VR) to augmented reality (AR) to extended reality (XR). The 'Holographic Communications' technology, for instance, will transform the future of how meetings are conducted, shifting from traditional online meetings to 3D holograms right before you, creating a truly immersive experience. Additionally, Ericsson displayed their radio systems, which are both more efficient and less energy intensive then before. 


Warm thanks to Ericsson Thailand for having us at the Imagine Live. Big congratulations to the Ericsson Thailand team for the successful event!  

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