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Tetra Pak Champions Sustainable Packaging with the PRO-Thailand Network

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14 Jul 2023

Tetra Pak is taking on a vital role in the effort to change sustainability practices within the packaging industry.  Tetra Pak has joined the Packaging Recovery Organization Thailand Network (PRO-Thailand Network) to focus on and initiate change towards more sustainable packaging, with the goal of ultimately fostering a circular economy in Thailand.  

The initiative draws attention to the need for a shift in the packaging industry.  Its aim is to transition the market from single-use, non-recyclable consumer products such as PET bottles, used beverage cartons, and multilayered products to products that can be responsibly managed throughout their entire lifecycle.  To succeed in creating this change, they highlight the need for close collaboration between various organizations, government agencies, businesses, and the wider society to create change through PRO-Thailand Network.  Tetra Pak and the other members of PRO-Thailand Network are making a clear statement that the circular economy is a part of the future and that their products will not only have one lifespan but be circular.  

Tetra Pak´s participation in PRO-Thailand Network and collaboration with other industry actors is a testament to their strong commitment to a circular economy and their focus on protecting food, people and the planet.   

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