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Volvo Unveils Solar Carport Charging Stations

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27 Jan 2023

Volvo Car Thailand has introduced prototype solar carport charging stations at a number of dealerships in the country for Volvo customers to use free of charge.  With the increase of electric vehicles in Thailand, Volvo wants to meet the future demands for energy by using renewable sources like solar power.  

Managing director Chris Wailes said ‘at the beginning of the year, Volvo made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50% within three years, which includes the co-operation of our partners. We have installed prototype solar charging stations at all four Volvo dealerships, which can reduce electricity bills by up to 106,000 baht per year and reduce carbon emissions by over 11,500 kg per year in each dealership as well.’ 

Volvo has pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with more than 50% by 2026. They expect that electricity produced by renewable energy, like solar energy, will not only help the environment but also and bring down the cost of electricity.  

Photo credit: Bangkok Post PCL 


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