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APAC SwedCham Webinar: CEO talk: Helena Hedblom, CEO and President of Epiroc, 28 February 2024

On 28 February, SACC and SwedCham Singapore with support from APAC SwedChams and Norchams hosted a webinar with Ms. Helena Hedblom, President and CEO of Epiroc Group, offering detailed insights into Epiroc's journey transitioning a heavy industrial company into a fast-paced technology firm.  Ms. Hedblom highlighted their emphasis on sustaining profitable growth through outperforming in their industry!  

Epiroc is making systemic changes to its industry.  The company is creating profitable growth through a focus on attractive market niches, with the goal of outperforming.  Epiroc must be either number one or two in the industrial sector, or it needs to exit the sector.  To outperform competitors, Epiroc follows three key parts: a strong emphasis on innovation; a dedication to aftermarket, and a commitment on operational excellence.   

This direction towards outperformance must be supported by a strong culture anchoring the strategy within the company.  Culture is key; the people must be the right fit for the company, down to earth, hands-on, ready to go the extra mile, and eager to win. 

Ms. Hedblom discussed how Epiroc, as a technology company, prioritises automation, digitalisation, and electrification.  These priorities exist due to how Automation makes mining safer.  Epiroc's automation consists of Autonomous load/haul, autonomous drill rigs, teleremote, and Epiroc Rig controlled enabled fleet, comprising over 2,400 driverless machines!  Digitalisation aims to create situational awareness and fleet management, ore body knowledge, and mine process optimisation.  Electrification reduces mining dangers, where electric mining equipment protects people from hazardous fumes, cuts emissions, and increases productivity. 

To make Epiroc the number one choice, there is a strong emphasis on aftermarket care, ensuring the availability of the right spare parts and components, service agreements and audits, midlife service, training, and more.  Epiroc also provides tools and attachments, such as rock drilling tools and hydraulic attachments, to smooth mining operations. 

Epiroc has ambitious goals for 2030 including no work-related injuries, a balanced workforce, and a doubling of the number of women in operational roles.  It also focuses on the environment, aiming to halve CO2 emissions in operations and transport, among other sustainability goals. 

We would like to extend our thanks to the speakers Ms. Helena Hedblom, the moderator Ms. Petra Andrén.  Also big thanks to all the participants who joined us at this remarkable webinar.  Finally, congratulations to SACC and SwedCham Singapore for arranging an excellent session in the APAC CEO series!  

For more information on Epiroc, please visit 

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