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Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce Logo Usage Guideline

Purpose of The Guidelines 

The Logo Usage Guidelines (“the Guidelines”) establish basic rules regarding the use of the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (“the Chamber’s”) name and logos, including those of the Chamber’s name, (referred to collectively as “Chamber Logos”). 


The Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce logo features the three crowns, the national emblem of Sweden which comprises two yellow crowns above and one below, with the Thai tri-colour flag (red, white and dark blue) in the background symbolising the two nations Sweden and Thailand.  Both the standard and square logos feature the text ‘Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce’ in black. 

Main Chamber Logos

Our main logos include the following:

Standard Logo

TSCC-transparent background.png

"Square" Logo


Please note that Chamber logos are not limited to those shown above and can from time to time include special logos. 


All rights (including copyrights, trademark rights, etc.) in relation to Chamber Logos are the property of the Chamber. 

Prohibiting Unauthorised Use of Chamber Logos 

Chamber Logos may not be used without the Chamber’s permission.  If use is not specifically permitted under the Guidelines, those who wish to use Chamber Logos may do so only with a written permission from the Chamber, provided that such use complies with the Guidelines. 

Any person who uses Chamber Logos with permission from the Chamber (“the User”) shall be deemed to have agreed to the Guidelines when using Chamber Logos. 

Permitted Use

The User may use Chamber Logos as specified by the Chamber only in the following cases: 

To introduce Chamber Services 

When partnering with the Chamber or for plans related to this 

To showcase membership of the Chamber by its members on their websites 

Other cases approved by the Chamber 

Unauthorised Use (Prohibited Acts)

When using Chamber Logos, the User is prohibited from: 

Using Chamber Logos for purposes other than those established in the preceding article, unless otherwise authorised by the Chamber. 

Modifying, adding to or altering Chamber Logos (including the addition of animations or effects [rotating, embellishing, etc.], as well as changes to spacing, fonts and colour scheme) 

Using Chamber Logos as part of another company’s or organisation’s product name, service name, trademark, logo, company name, etc. 

Using Chamber Logos in a manner that suggests or implies there is any kind of employment relationship or partnership, etc. with the Chamber, unless otherwise authorised by the Chamber. 

Using Chamber Logos in a manner that suggests or implies approval, sponsorship or endorsement by the Chamber unless otherwise authorised by the Chamber. 

Using Chamber Logos in a manner that may libel or harm the reputation of the Chamber and its members. 

Using Chamber Logos in a manner that violates copyright or other laws and regulations 

Using Chamber Logos in media with content that is offensive or contrary to public order and morals. 

Allowing a third party to use Chamber Logos, unless otherwise authorised by the Company 

Creating or using logos that imitate Chamber Logos or logos that resemble Chamber Logos 

Using Chamber Logos in any other manner that the Chamber, at its sole discretion, deems inappropriate. 

User Responsibilities

If the Chamber determines that a User’s use of Chamber Logos is in violation of the Guidelines, or if the Chamber deems it necessary at its sole discretion, the Chamber may request that the User cease its use of Chamber Logos or take other measures that the Chamber deems necessary and appropriate, and the User shall comply with such without delay.  If the User does not comply with the Chamber’s request, the Chamber may take measures deemed necessary by the Chamber.  

In the event that the Chamber has suffered any direct or indirect damages (including attorney fees) arising from the use of Chamber Logos by the User (including cases where the Chamber has received a claim from a third party due to such use), the User must without delay indemnify the Chamber against such in accordance with the Chamber’s request. 

In the event that the User has received a claim or other demand from a third party arising from, or in connection with, the use of Chamber Logos, the User must promptly contact the Chamber. 

No Guarantee Disclaimer

The Chamber does not warrant, implicitly or explicitly, against physical or legal defects of Chamber Logos (including, but not limited to, defects, errors or bugs in relation to safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, fitness for a particular purpose, or security, etc., or infringement upon the rights of any third party).  The Chamber undertakes no obligation to remove such defects in providing Chamber Logos. 

The Chamber will not be in any way responsible for any damages that may be incurred by the User arising from the use of Chamber Logos.

Changes to the Guidelines

The Chamber may change the Guidelines at any time without prior notice if the Chamber deems it necessary.  The revised Guidelines shall become effective from the point at which they are posted on the Chamber’s website, and the User shall be deemed to have agreed to the revised Guidelines by continuing to use the Chamber Logos after the change. 

Governing Law

These Guidelines are governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Contact Details

If you wish to use Chamber Logos, or if you have any questions regarding the use of Chamber Logos, please contact us at

9 February 2024, Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

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