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Breakfast Seminar: Managing your IP in a world full of AI and other Digital Technologies, 6 February 2024

On the morning of 6 February, SweCham and the South-East Asia IP SME Helpdesk with support with the JFCCT and EABC had the pleasure of hosting a seminar on managing your IP in a world full of digital technologies, with everything from Machine learning, Generative AI, Neural Networks and NFTs being discussed and presented.  

The morning started with breakfast and networking, at the wonderful Oriental Residence Bangkok Hotel.  We were welcomed into a luxurious environment that was perfect for the seminar.  The seminar started with a warm welcome from our Executive Director, Dr. Pojanath Bhatanacharoen.  We were also honoured by having Mr. Bob Fox, Chair of Digital Economy/ICT group of JFCCT and EABC, as the moderator, who gave us a comprehensive overview of the AI landscape and introduced us to our two experts of the day.    

The first presentation came from Khun Mook Chaichirawiwat, Country Manager, Thinking Machines Data Science, who gave us an in-depth look at how AI works.  Highlighting when AI was first introduced and how the change from relatively harmless software to a powerful tool used in most businesses, and now also by individuals!  

The second presentation was from Mr. Franck Fougere, Managing Partner at Ananda Intellectual Property, who detailed how IP rights apply to AI-generated content.  As a machine cannot be held liable and hold IP protection, the issue of who owns the IP from AI generated content can be complex one.  He brought up potential liabilities of using AI, such as can you trust the company that provides the AI to not train its AI on your company data?  Khun Franck highlighted the importance of having control over your data and how you utilise your data, as to reduce potential liability, in the creation of content or products that might need IP protection.   

The seminar ended with a brief panel discussion led by Khun Bob, where the experts answered multiple different questions in the line of, what are the limitations of AI and IP, where will liability be when AI tools are used for illegal purposes such as scams. 

We would also like to thank the supporting chambers and organisations for their support of the event.  Finally, we would like to warmly thank everyone who came to the seminar. 

If you have any questions or need assistance with your IP, please get in touch with the South-East Asia IP SME Helpdesk, 


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