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Expand your horizons with our Bangkok Post Supplement!

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28 Mar 2024

Following the success of our last edition under the theme 'Thailand and Sweden, a truly sustainable relationship,' this year, SweCham is proud to present 'Sweden, the home of ground-breaking innovations’.

All over the world, Swedish companies and Swedish brands are as well-known and respected as the country of Sweden itself.  Wherever we are in the world, we find traces of products, services, and innovations with roots in Sweden, and Thailand is no exception!  The main theme for this year will be ‘Sweden, a small country with groundbreaking innovations that have changed the world, i.e., from the propeller to Spotify’.

This year's edition dives deep with

📰 Exclusive Interview

An interview with Mr. Johan Forsell, Sweden's Minister for Foreign Trade (invited, TBC), outlining the many global companies that originate from 150 years of innovations in Sweden, whose origin is unknown to most of the world

📰 Insightful 'Did You Know' Article

An overview of significant Swedish innovations from the mid-1800s that shaped global development yet remain widely unknown by most people

📣 We extend an exclusive invitation to your company!

Participate with us to shine through advertorials or regular advertisements, presenting your products and services to Bangkok Post's extensive readership.

Reach a massive audience through

✅ Paper edition of 70,000 printed copies (420,000 estimated readers)

✅ Online paper subscription (100,000 estimated readers)

✅ Bangkok Post website (2,000,000 estimated users + 8,000,000 page views)


Position your business as a leader in innovation.  Contact us today!

For further details on the package coverage and costs, please explore our BP Supplement presentation: 


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