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Gain Long-Term Exposure and Network Growth: Partner with SweCham

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12 Mar 2024

Boost Brand Visibility with Effective Marketing 

SweCham offers a variety of cost-effective marketing tools to boost your brand visibility and reach.  Our weekly updates, website, social media channels, events, Membership Directory and other channels provide outstanding opportunities to promote your business directly to a large network of Swedish, Thai and international professionals.

Year-Round Exposure: Events and Promotions 

With SweCham's year-round activities and promotional projects, partners gain exposure to executives of the Thai-Swedish community and their international peers.  Our extensive network connects you with foreign chambers of commerce, trade associations, and embassies.

High-Level Connections: Government and Business Leaders 

Through our collaboration with the Royal Thai Government, local authorities, business associations, and trade organisations, we provide invaluable access to essential business information, advocacy groups, key decision-makers, and government officials.  Join us to gain a unique opportunity to promote and grow your business!

Expand Your Network Now!  Become a SweCham Partner

Explore various partnership benefits here:

To discuss further details, please contact our Executive Director, Dr Pojanath Bhatanacharoen, at 

To learn more about SweCham, visit us at

See previous SweCham events: 

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