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SweCham at the Nordic Film festival!

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24 Jan 2024

SweCham Team had the pleasure of attending the Nordic Film Festival in Bangkok, held at the Danish Embassy on 19 – 20 January, commenced with an illustrious opening night, showcasing the rich cinematic heritage of the Nordic countries.   

The event was distinguished by the presence of ambassadors from each Nordic nation, each introducing a notable film from their country, highlighting the diverse and profound storytelling traditions of the Nordic region.  These introductions offered the audience a fascinating insight into the distinct narrative styles and film-making approaches characteristic of each country, painting a vivid picture of the Nordic cinematic landscape.  


The movies of the festival were:  

🎥Amundsen, Norway  🇳🇴 

🎥Riders of Justice, Denmark  🇩🇰 

🎥Super Furball Saves the Future, Finland  🇫🇮 

🎥Triangle of Sadness, Sweden 🇸🇪 

The first movie of the festival was the Swedish movie ‘Triangle of Sadness’ by Ruben Östlund.  Triangle of Sadness, a movie about the upheaval of social hierarchies and how changes in circumstances changes the power dynamics of society.  The film truly set a high bar with its sharp social commentary and engaging narrative.  

Photo Credit: Embassy of Denmark in Thailand

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