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SweCham CWG Meeting Update

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15 Mar 2023

The SweCham Connectivity Working Group meeting convened at True Digital Park, welcoming experts and professionals from various sectors on Wednesday, 8 March 2023.  The meeting provided an exceptional opportunity for attendees to exchange ideas, collaborate, and explore the potential of 5G networks and their transformative impact on business models in Thailand. 

Throughout the meeting, participants shared case references, discussed ecosystem development, co-creation, and the role of interconnectivity, reliability, and security in enhancing productivity and safety, which were featured in several presentations, including one by the Managing Director of True Digital Group, Khun Ekaraj Panjavinin and another by the President of Ericsson Thailand, Mr. Igor Maurell Special thanks to Dr Passkon Prathombutr, Executive Vice President of DEPA who updated us on the latest development of the Thailand Digital Valley in the EEC.  The meeting room was buzzing with energy as participants eagerly discussed the driving force for digitalisation of industries and the potential of the 5G network to provide a transformative shift in the industry. 

Overall, the Connectivity Working Group meeting was a great success providing an opportunity for all participants to network and establish connections with potential business partners.   

The SweCham team would like to extend our gratitude to the True Digital Park team for hosting such an informative and thought-provoking meeting and all the participants as the meeting has highlighted the importance of continued collaboration between industry experts and the potential for innovation through joint experimentation and collaboration. 

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