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SweCham Team Fika!

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21 Jun 2023

Last Monday, the SweCham Team enjoyed a unique fika, combining a Thai-style theme fika with a farewell gathering for our interns, Amelié and Olivia Pramchoobua Jakobsson, who have been valuable members of our team for the past 5 months.  This fika stood out from our usual Swedish pastry sessions as we decided to add some spice by serving Thai sweets.  It was an exciting opportunity for our Swedish interns to experience the extraordinary flavours of Thai desserts.  The team’s fika exemplified the powerful fusion of Thai and Swedish traditions within our workplace, enhancing integration and fostering connections among us, despite our diverse backgrounds.

Since our Midsummer lunch event, we have had a bustling week.  This fika served as a small reward, allowing us to replenish our energy, unwind, and approach the upcoming week with enthusiasm for our daily work.

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