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SweCham Team Visited Fitness24Seven

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13 Mar 2023

Big thanks to the Country Manager, Khun Malin Westin, and the Fitness24Seven team for their warm welcome and for showing us around their facilities. The SweCham team thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to explore the gym and learn more about the daily operations of Fitness24Seven in Thailand.  

Fitness24Seven believes that health, fitness and gyms are for everyone.  Therefore, they offer affordable price options and 24-hour access for their members no matter which country you are in. This is clearly shown through the fact that you as a member can utilise all the Fitness24Seven facilities worldwide without having to pay any additional fees. With a variety of equipment and services available, the staff and personal trainers offer their members professional guidance in the planning and execution of individual, as well as team training session so that every member can reach their goals.   

Furthermore, the Fitness24Seven team aspires to promote inclusivity and positive motivation for all their members. To further show their commitment, Fitness24Seven has a gym room that is exclusive for women, this all-women’s gym includes all the equipment that is also available in the main gym area.  

The SweCham team looks forward to developing new opportunities and collaborations with the Fitness24Seven team in the future.  

To learn more about Fitness24Seven, please visit:

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