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Swedish community welcomes Olof and Marie back to Bangkok

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1 Jun 2023

After living abroad for many years, including six years in Brazil and five years in Florida to name some destinations, Olof and Marie have now landed in Bangkok.  For over a decade, they have been serving the Swedish Church community all over the world.  Olof and Marie are not only here for Thailand, but for the whole southeast Asia including Japan.  

They have returned here for many reasons and have many tasks to fulfil, including finding the Swedes and rebuilding the Swedish Church community after the pandemic.  The geographical situation may also vary, and some places may be filled with interested individuals while some other places may not be.  Olof and Marie will be here for three to four years and welcome everyone for a cheerful talk or just a meeting to talk about problems or any other topics. 

If you are interested in receiving news and messages from the Swedish Church, you can send an email to

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