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TCEB Strategic Direction 2024: Event Recap

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25 Oct 2023

On 24 October, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) organised the TCEB Strategic Direction 2024 event, titled ‘Driving Thailand Forward as High-Value Added MICE’, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok.

SweCham President Peter Björk participated alongside other JFCCT representatives. In addition to TCEB executives and staff, many organisations in the MICE industry were present, including PATA, TICA, THA, and several airlines. During the event, TCEB executives presented new trends in the MICE industry and discussed how Thailand can reposition itself to compete globally in an ever-changing world, building upon Thailand's existing competitive advantages.

The discussion highlighted that Generation Z business travellers will significantly influence the industry, driving new trends and expectations. They will opt for shorter and more frequent trips with a focus on value and results. Technological advancements, including AI, will be utilised to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, making innovation a key factor. MICE events are increasingly viewed as essential business events, empowering employees to fully understand their organisation's vision, values, and culture, shaping a positive perception of the organisation among customers. Regional targets will become more important than global scale, and sustainability practices will be essential.

Additionally, TCEB presented a comprehensive survey on factors that matter when choosing destinations, including safety, value for money, readiness of facilities, and local community support. Thailand leads in categories such as value for money, the country's brand image, and readiness of accommodation. However, there is a need to catch up in areas such as technology advancement, high-value destination offerings, and sustainability.

The event also discussed transforming Thailand for the future, utilising the country's flagship industries such as food security, creative soft power, health tech innovations, and urban quality of life (QOL) and mobility. Exciting times lie ahead as Thailand navigates these transformative strategies.

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