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Ericsson committed to driving Thailand’s 5G leadership and Industry 4.0 Vision

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21 Jun 2023

According to Igor Maurell, Head of Ericsson Thailand, ‘Thailand is one of the countries at the forefront of 5G technology.’  Data consumption in Thailand has been increasing in the past few years and it is predicted to increase in the coming years as well.  Many Thai customers are ready for 5G network and Ericsson’s technology will be able to deliver a quality and secure network that Thai Communications Service Providers (CSPs) can provide to their customers.  Ericsson can also modernise their technology to be more energy saving which will be good for the CSPs and the country. 

Ericsson is currently collaborating with multiple partners to develop 5G technology.  The company is collaborating with the Thai government to develop 5G eco-system in the country and with the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) to develop Thailand’s version of Silicon Valley. Additionally, they are also collaborating with Intel.  Together, the two companies will use cases combined with their expertise to demonstrate how Thailand’s CSPs can be improved.  Igor stated that the company will remain supportive of Thailand’s attempt to develop 5G and is ‘fully commit to enabling the country’s industry 4.0 vision.’ 

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Photo credit: Bangkok Post

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