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JDA Renewables Consulting AB is happy to announce about its co-owned company

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28 May 2023

JDA Renewables Consulting AB is happy to announce that ENEFIIN and PDT Company Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., co-owned by JDA Renewables Consulting AB, have formed a strategic partnership in Thailand to enhance their joint capabilities in the renewable energy sector.  Their shared objective is to develop solar energy, wind power, and battery storage projects as independent power producers, serving private off-takers and participating in future auctions under the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme.  With a focus on high-quality, low-carbon technology and sustainable project development practices guided by an ESG framework, the partnership aims to benefit stakeholders, the environment, and local communities.  This collaboration opens up new possibilities in the Thai renewable energy market, allowing both companies to expand their expertise and contribute to the country’s sustainable development goals.  Together, ENEFIIN and PDT Renewable Energy are confident that they will provide clean and green energy solutions to meet Thailand’s future energy demands. 

Photo credit: PDT Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. 


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