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APAC SwedCham Webinar: ‘CEO Talk: Göran Björkman, President and CEO of Alleima’ 10 May 2023

This latest APAC webinar hosted by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce China was a conversation with the President and CEO of Alleima, Göran Björkman.  This discussion was moderated and led by Peter Ling-Vannerus, Chief Representative of SEB in Beijing.  

Mr Björkman began by describing Alleima as a world-leading advanced materials company with a fully integrated value chain and strong market positions across niche end-markets.  The company manufactures high-value-added products in advanced stainless steel and special alloys, as well as products for industrial heating.  There is a strong focus on identifying customer needs through research and development, melting, hot working, cold working, finishing, and sales and marketing.  This approach ensures independence, control, and regional proximity to customers.  Additionally, Alleima is committed to sustainability as well as reducing its carbon footprint and has several progressive customer partnerships that enable the green transition. 

Furthermore, the company’s focus on sustainability aligns with its commitment to life-changing innovations, contributing to people living longer and better lives.  As a sustainable front runner, Alleima’s advanced materials technology enables innovations in sustainability and other new technologies.  This can be seen in the company’s research and development efforts in areas such as energy transition and efficiency, medical technology, and hydrogen and renewable energy. 

Finally, the webinar ended with an engaging Q&A where the participants asked a multitude of questions and received thoughtful answers by Mr Björkman.  We would like to thank the speaker, moderator, and all the members who participated in this insightful webinar.  We hope that you feel as inspired as we did! 

To learn more about Alleima, please go to:  

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