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APAC SwedCham Webinar: CEO Talk: Micael Johansson, CEO of Saab Group, 8 November 2023

On 8 November, SwedCham in Singapore hosted a webinar with Micael Johansson, CEO of Saab Group, on the topic of national security, with a focus on the nature of defence manufacturing and strategies.  

Micael Johansson started by summarising SAAB’s key areas, along with its four major hubs outside of Sweden: the USA, the UK, Australia, and Germany. He explained that SAAB’s focus lies in aiding countries in rebuilding military supplies. 

The session transitioned to the main topic, where he discussed his views on current events and how SAAB is responding. SAAB is changing its regional supply chains. It is simultaneously building up its stockpiles, thus making SAAB more resilient to future possible security issues. 

The war in Ukraine has revolutionised modern warfare, with the use of traditional and civilian technologies. A connected battlefield is also something new, where both AI and the cloud are being used in real-time. This is something the SAAB CEO believes will be the future of warfare.  

SAAB is strategically expanding its presence in the APAC region, designating Australia as a key hub. Meanwhile, having reached market penetration in India, Thailand, and Singapore, where various products are sold in their respective countries. 

We would like to thank SwedCham in Singapore and SAAB for this interesting webinar! 

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