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SweCham Business Connect With Sasin School Of Management, 27 April 2023

On 27 April, the SweCham Business Connect event, hosted by the Sasin School of Management, was a success and proved to be an informative and engaging event for everyone who attended. 

The event was opened with a welcoming speech by Mr. Lars Svensson, the Chief Executive of Sasin Sustainability & Entrepreneurship Center, setting the tone for the evening’s talk.  In addition, participants gained valuable insights into the Sasin School of Management, learning about its history, values, and mission. During the event, Mr. Roy Tomizava, Chief Executive of Sasin Executive Education, also shared his expertise on ‘The New Age of Enlightenment and the Challenge of Executive Education,’ providing participants with insights into the challenges faced in today’s business landscape. 

The evening provided participants with the opportunity to network with fellow business professionals, exchange ideas and knowledge, and gain insights into the Sasin School of Management and its innovative approach to executive education. The SweCham Business Connect with Sasin School of Management was a valuable and engaging event that provided all of us with new insights and perspectives on the world of business. 

In this regard, the SweCham would like to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in our event.  More importantly, this event would not have happened without the generous support from Sasin School of Management in providing us with the venue and delicious cocktail food and drinks. Thank you very much again for your invaluable support! 

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