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Sweden Pavilion at SX Sustainability Expo 2023, 2-8 October 2023

Between the 2 October and 8 October, SweCham jointly with the Embassy of Sweden organised the Sweden Pavilion and participated in the SX Sustainability Expo 2023 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC).  


 The Sweden Pavilion featured four exhibitors: the Swedish Embassy, Sentinel Solution, Tetra Pak Thailand, and Hitachi Energy. 

The Swedish Embassy showcased the ‘Re:waste –how Sweden is rethinking Resources’ exhibition at the Sweden Pavilion, unveiling Sweden's innovative solutions to rethink resources and combat the damaging impact of waste on our planet.  

From ocean contamination to wildlife harm, poor waste management affects us all. The key? A collective effort involving politics, research, innovation, and citizen action. Companies must be responsible, governments need efficient waste systems, and individuals can make a change through reducing, reusing, and recycling.  

Scrutinising product lifecycles and embracing a circular approach is vital.  

Our heartfelt thanks to the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok for spotlighting this essential cause. Kudos to everyone who visited the exhibition– your awareness fuels the journey towards a sustainable world. Let's keep this momentum going!  

Sentinel Solution showcased their water savings solution innovation, developed by the Swedish company ALTERED. This solution makes it possible to reduce the tap water consumption with 98% in the mist mode and 85% in spray mode. This is done by adding on a small extension which filter through the water and thereby reduces the water consumption.  

Thanks to this innovative solution, water that would have otherwise been wasted can now be redirected for more meaningful purposes. By integrating this technology into taps, homes, offices, and hotels can enhance their sustainability efforts. Not only does this innovation minimise water spillage, but it also leads to substantial reductions in water bills, making it a win-win situation for both the environment and financial conservation.  

We would like to thank Sentinel Solution for being a part of the Sweden Pavilion this year and for contributing to rethinking resources and optimising the use of water!  

To learn more about Sentinel Solution, please go to 

Tetra Pak, a global leader in packaging solutions, took centre stage at the SX Sustainability Expo 2023 in the Sweden Pavilion, showcasing their commitment to the circular economy. Tetra Pak Thailand showcased the inspiring 'Green Shelter Project,' demonstrating the transformation of used beverage cartons into eco-friendly construction materials for disaster-affected communities in collaboration with local organisations.  

Teaming up with local Thai waste recycling partners, Tetra Pak supports the recycling process, separating the carton layers – paper, foil, and plastic, allowing for the repurposing and reimagining of materials. This waste now shapes building blocks, roofs, tables, chairs, and even everyday items like trays and stationary holders. A true second chance for these cartons!  

Big thanks to Tetra Pak Thailand for being a part of the Sweden Pavilion this year and for contributing to the circular economy and society!  

To learn more about Tetra Pak, please visit  

Hitachi Energy joined the Sweden Pavilion at the SX Sustainability Expo where they presented their so called EconiQ-an Eco-efficient portfolio for reducing environmental impact and increasing energy efficiency whilst future-proofing technology investments.  

EconiQ, crafted by Hitachi Energy, represents their eco-efficient initiative aimed at advancing sustainability.  Within the EconiQ portfolio, Hitachi Energy offers a comprehensive suite of products, services, and solutions.  These offerings include services for assessing environmental footprints and solutions for offsetting unavoidable emissions.  Embracing a sustainability-centric philosophy, EconiQ surpasses traditional alternatives by delivering superior environmental advantages, positioning it as a standout leader in the pursuit of an eco-friendlier world.  By adopting EconiQ, individuals and organisations can substantially diminish carbon emissions and pollution across the entire product lifecycle, contributing to a greener planet.  

We would like to thank Hitachi Energy for being a part of the Sweden Pavilion this year and for contributing to a more sustainable world!  

To learn more about Hitachi Energy and EconiQ, please visit  

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