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Bidding farewell to Liam Bodin and Noel Skoglund!

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27 Jun 2023

SweCham Team would like to warmly thank our outgoing interns, Liam and Noel, for their contributions to the Chamber work. They have made great contributions to the Chamber’s projects, including assisting us with event preparations for the SweCham National Day and Midsummer Lunch celebration and helping us carry out our social media report to promote our members effectively.

Since their internship came to an end yesterday, our team sent them off with a Fika in a Chinese theme in which we all had traditional Chinese desserts and tea. Of course, we had a photo shoot in the Samyan Mitrtown Tunnel as per SweCham tradition before finishing our day with a lovely meal.

Again, we would like to thank them for their dedication and contributions throughout their internship. It was a pleasure seeing them gain new skills and learn new experiences at the Chamber. We wish them the best of luck with their studies and a bright future ahead!

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