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BNH Hospital Member Visit

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16 Jan 2023

On 16 January, the SweCham team had the opportunity to visit BNH hospital, the first international private hospital in Thailand, who has established a reputation as a leading provider of women’s healthcare, specialising in the areas of maternity care, paediatrics, and gynaecology. They have also started to specialise in men’s health. 

During our visit, we were impressed by the comprehensive array of facilities available, including the emergency ward, various themed rooms, health care services, and the healing garden.  In particular, the VIP ward stood out as a noteworthy feature as it exemplifies BNH hospital’s commitment to upgrading the rooms for patients whose family has been there for generations, without any additional charges.  Additionally, we also learned that BNH’s services are not only utilised by expats but also by a lot of foreign patients who travel specifically to receive healthcare at BNH hospital. 

We also would like to extend a special thanks to Khun Nguyen Tran Minh Bac, the overseas marketing executive, Khun Jarinya Jiwjinda, the manager of the overseas marketing division, Khun Poonsap Promsao, the head of the referral centre, and the entire BNH hospital team for hosting this member visit and for their exceptional hospitality.  We have gained valuable insights into BNH’s history, specialties, and operations during this informative and productive trip. 

Also, warmest congratulations to BNH hospital in advance for their upcoming 125th anniversary on Valentine’s Day next month! 

For more information about BNH hospital please visit: 

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