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Bridging Borders in Swedish and Thai Hospitality and Tourism

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14 Nov 2023

On 8 November 2023, SweCham President Mr. Peter Björk and SweCham Executive Director Dr. Pojanath Bhatanacharoen took part in the 'Sweden and Thailand Hospitality and Tourism Networking' hosted by Scandinavian Resorts, in collaboration with Team Sweden in Thailand. 

🤝 Aim for Collaboration 

Intending to foster collaboration within the realms of the tourism and hospitality sector in Sweden and Thailand, the event provided a unique platform for key stakeholders to share valuable insights and create meaningful relationships. 

💬 Leadership Insights 

Special thanks to all the distinguished leaders from both countries who engaged in lively discussions, sharing perspectives for the bright future of the Swedish and Thai hospitality industry.  Among them were: 

⭐️ H.E. Mrs. Anna Hammargren, Ambassador of Sweden to Thailand 

⭐️ Mr. Kacper Pierzynowski, Trade Commissioner of Sweden to Thailand 

⭐️ Mr. Peter Björk, SweCham President and Dr. Pojanath Bhatanacharoen, SweCham Executive Director 

⭐️ Mr. Patinya Silsupadol, Head of Sustainability of Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited 

⭐️ Mr. Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, Deputy Governor for Internatioonal Marketing Asia and South Pacific, Tourism Authority of Thailand.   

⭐️ Mr. Jonas Siljhammar, CEO of Visita (Swedish Hospitality Industry Association) 

⭐️ Mrs. Susanne Andersson Pripp, CEO Sweden Tourism Board 

⭐️ Mr. Lubosh Barta, General Manager, Four Seasons Hotel 

⭐️ Mr. Thommy Backner, CEO of Scandinavian Resorts 

The day proved to be exceptionally enlightening as we engaged in meaningful discussions about the revitalisation of tourism post-pandemic, exploring diverse strategies implemented across different regions.  Notably, a prevailing theme emerged in both Sweden and Thailand, underscoring the importance of sustainability in the tourism and hospitality sector.  Consumers are increasingly vocal in their insistence on sustainable practices, a sentiment echoed in both countries. 

Altogether, the event laid the foundation for future partnerships, showcasing the immense potential for growth in the Swedish and Thai tourism and hospitality sectors.  SweCham, together with Team Sweden in Thailand, eagerly anticipates strengthening ties between the Swedish and Thai hospitality and tourism industries, shaping the future of these significant industries! 🤝🌐  

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