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Congratulations on Khun Daniel Lindgren’s appointment as SweCham Treasurer!

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8 May 2023

SweCham would like to express our heartfelt congratulations on Khun Daniel Lindgren’s appointment as SweCham Treasurer at our last board meeting.   

We would also like to thank Khun Daniel for hosting and steering our last budgeting session before the AGM 2023 at his office at Rapid Asia.  On top of that, this gave us a great opportunity to visit Rapid Asia, our Corporate Member, and catch up with their activities in 2023. 

Since SweCham is a non-profit organisation, our board members are contributing to the running of the Chamber voluntarily.  We are very grateful for our board members’ input and contribution to our activities and projects.  Most importantly, we deeply appreciate your invaluable support and cooperation in providing insights and guidance to the Thai-Swedish business community! 

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