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EQHO Globalization Pte. Ltd. Member Visit

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2 Feb 2023

Big thanks to Khun Tomas Julin, the Executive Chairman, Khun Phanitanan Sanitprachakorn, the Director and Group Ceo, and Khun Lan Hoang Dang, VP, Global Marketing for the attentive and kind hospitality during our visit. The SweCham team thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the company and explore the office space.  

We truly valued the opportunity to gain insight into the daily operations of EQHO, and the services they provide their customers. As a leader in the field of multilingual and multicultural communications solutions, EQHO goes beyond translation and enables other companies to grow in Asia through their end-to-end services from text to voice, and operations manuals to commercial advertisements. EQHO takes great care with each project, and strives to continuously develop its fields of expertise. Each project goes through a rigorous process before reaching its completion in order to deliver the best possible product for each and every customer.  

During our visit, EQHO also provided helpful expert insights into how the SweCham team might proceed with developing the new website in order for it to be as engaging as possible for all our members, partners and friends. The SweCham team is grateful for EQHO’s continued support in this endeavour. 

To learn more about EQHO, please visit: 

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