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Help us Name our Dala Horse and Win a Free Drink!

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16 Oct 2023

We are excited to introduce our newest SweCham Team member, our adorable Dala horse, courtesy of the Embassy of Sweden.  The Dala horse is our new mascot and will travel along with us on various adventures to promote Sweden brand!  Our charming Dala horse needs a name, and we want your creativity to help us find the perfect one.   

The challenge?  - the name needs to be easy to pronounce in Thai, Swedish and English! 

🎁 The lucky winner will receive one free drink at the SweCham Social Network Club at the Oriental Residence Hotel.  It is a great opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and delightful evening with SweCham members and friends. 

Here's how you can participate in our campaign✨ 

  1. Submit your name idea under the comment section of this post 

  2. Share this post and encourage your friends and family to join in the fun! 

The most creative and meaningful name suggestion which can be easily pronounced for our Dala horse will be selected.  We can't wait to see the incredible name suggestions everyone comes up with and the special meaning they will carry for SweCham. 🇹🇭🇸🇪 

The winner will be announced on 24 October, so stay tuned for updates and announcements on our website and social media channels.   

Let’s share name ideas with us because you might be the lucky winner of that refreshing free drink at the SweCham Social Network Club! 

For more information about the SweCham Social Network Club, please visit  

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