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Pre-departure Event for Students Going to Sweden at the Ambassador’s Residence

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30 May 2023

The SweCham team was delighted to support the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok at their Pre-Departure event for Thai students at the Ambassador’s Residence on Thursday, 4 May 2023. It was a pleasure to witness the enthusiasm and excitement of over 30 Thai students who have been accepted into Swedish universities. SweCham assisted in facilitating networking opportunities, connecting the students with Swedish alumni and Embassy staff, enabling them to gather valuable insights and advice. We are committed to supporting these students on their educational journeys and fostering strong Thai-Swedish connections. 

Throughout the event, the students were treated to a delightful array of Swedish treats, which gave them a glimpse into the rich culinary culture of Sweden. SweCham recognized the importance of immersing the students in the Swedish experience, giving them a taste of what awaits them in their new home. The event was filled with congratulations and well-wishes for the students’ future endeavours. We are confident that these talented Thai students will thrive in their studies and make significant contributions to their respective fields. 

SweCham remains dedicated to nurturing a strong alumni network and fostering lasting connections between Thai and Swedish educational institutions. We are excited about the prospect of these students becoming part of our growing network, which will open doors to opportunities, collaboration, and lifelong friendships. We believe that their experiences in Sweden will shape their futures positively, and we look forward to celebrating their achievements as they progress in their educational and professional paths. SweCham is committed to supporting and empowering Thai students, and we wish them the very best as they embark on this transformative journey. 

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