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SweCham President attended the Exclusive Luncheon with the BOI

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15 May 2023

In April, our president, Khun Peter Björk, participated in the Exclusive Luncheon with the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) organised by the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce.   

The panel discussion on the topic ‘Long Term Resident Visa in Thailand’ was led by the Secretary General of BOI, Khun Narit Therdsteerasukdi, along with Khun Dhinapa Apaivongse, Senior Investment Promotion officer, who provided valuable insights into the latest developments, requirements, and benefits of the visa. The luncheon not only offered the chance to acquire valuable knowledge but also provided an opportunity for participants to network with similar-minded individuals and government officials. 

If any SweCham members would like to see the presentation from the event, please contact us at

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