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SweCham Team Fika

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22 Feb 2023

It was the perfect way to wind down after a busy week and connect with our colleagues. We gathered around the coffee table and indulged in a delicious Swedish treat, the classic ‘Prinsesstårta’. This cake is a masterpiece of sponge cake layers, vanilla custard, raspberry jam, and whipped cream, all covered in a layer of bright green marzipan. It was not only a feast for the taste buds but also for the eyes. Lastly, it was a fun and sweet way to connect with our team and kick off the weekend!!!

Swedes love their Fika and it is an integral part of the Swedish culture, especially in the workplace as it gives everyone a break from a busy workday and a chance to chat about non-work-related topics. Swedes have Fika with friends and family as well, in Swedish culture there is always time for a Fika!! 

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