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SweCham Team Fika: A Sweet Blend of Swedish and Thai Cultures!

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29 Sept 2023

At SweCham, we believe in the power of cultural exchange among our team of Swedish and Thai members.  Fika, a Swedish tradition, has been our go-to activity for bridging these cultural gaps and building stronger bonds within our team. ☕🇸🇪🇹🇭 

This time, we gathered to give a warm welcome to Erik, our new intern joining us as the Policy and Communications Coordinator.  Let's give him a big warm welcome! 🌟 

But that's not all, to throw a belated birthday celebration for our team members who were born in September, we indulged in one of the most well-loved Swedish cakes, Princess cake or Prinsesstårta! 👸🍰  This sweet treat, often served at birthdays, was the star of the show. 🎂✨ Experience it for yourself at Mammas Kök Bangkok.  Trust us, it's worth every bite! 😋 

Also, big thanks to Khun June of Munkfors, SweCham member and Sweden alumna, who joined us for the experience! 

SweCham Team Fika is more than just a coffee break; it's a time for our team to share traditions, experiences, and lots of fun! 

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