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SweCham Unveils new 2023 Website, Enhancing Business Opportunities for all

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19 Sept 2023

Bangkok, 19 September 2023 - SweCham, the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, announces the launch of its brand-new website, redesigned to foster stronger connectivity, engagement, and collaboration across the foreign business community.  This new dynamic platform aims to elevate SweCham Members by providing enhanced exposure and business prospects, reinforcing SweCham's commitment to supporting members at all business levels as they thrive in the international market. 

Guests at the SweCham Business Connect: Open House Special participating in  

the launch of SweCham’s new website 

The revamped website introduces a vibrant and intuitive design, promising a dynamic and user-friendly experience for all visitors.  The online platform also reflects SweCham's unwavering dedication to its members, prominently featuring its members' businesses to the public and stakeholders, allowing users to explore members’ products and services with a single click.  By prioritising user experience, SweCham delivers greater connectivity and access to an array of exclusive resources, including SweCham member updates, member directory, community insights, advocacy work, networking opportunities, seminars, conferences, and many more.  These developments ensure that SweCham website visitors remain well-informed and engaged within the Thai-Swedish community. 

Mr Peter Björk, SweCham President,

at the SweCham Business Connect: Open House Special

Mr Peter Björk, SweCham President, said “I am very pleased that we now have launched our new website.  It is part of a several years long project to revitalise the Chamber that also includes, for example, a new fee structure and a redesigned weekly Newsletter.  The new website shows that we are also leading in the IT area -innovation is the key, as it is for Swedish companies and Sweden as a country.” 

Mr Tomas Julin, Vice President of SweCham, introduced the new website to the SweCham community. 

Mr Tomas Julin, Vice President of SweCham, responsible for communications, shared his enthusiasm for the new website, stating, “Our new website is a complementary communication channel available to our members focusing on the promotion of their Products, Services, Social activities, etc.  In this era of a constant communication flow, our members can efficiently promote their business and social activities with a longer duration than only through short lived social media flashes.” 


Whether you are a business professional or an emerging entrepreneur, SweCham's new website offers valuable resources and networking opportunities for everyone. 


To embark on this exciting journey with the Thai-Swedish community and explore the new SweCham website, please visit

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