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Sweden to Showcase Waste Management Innovation at SX Sustainability Expo 2023

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15 Sept 2023

Bangkok, 15 September 2023 - SweCham, the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, is excited to announce its participation in the SX Sustainability Expo 2023.  The event will be held from 29 September to 8 October 2023, with a grand launch of the Food Festival on the initial days and the opening of the main expo on 2 October.  As the largest sustainability expo in ASEAN, with over 270,000 visitors in the 2022 edition, SweCham is honoured to join this platform for the second time, bringing together sustainability enthusiasts and innovators from around the world. 


The SX Sustainability Expo 2023, divided into five zones - SEP Inspirational, Better Me, Better Living, Better Community, and Better World, aims to showcase ways to improve various aspects of our lives and communities.  The event is co-founded by five prominent Thai firms, including Frasers Property, PTT Global Chemical, Siam Cement Group, Thai Beverage, and Thai Union. 


The 10-day Sustainability Expo will take place at the prestigious Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, and admission is free for the general public, providing an opportunity for everyone to learn about sustainable practices. 


The Sweden Pavilion at the expo will feature four key participants showcasing their contributions. 


The Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok is showcasing "Re:waste," an exhibition highlighting Sweden's innovative approach to addressing global waste challenges.  This exhibition emphasises the need for a well-managed waste hierarchy, a shift towards a circular economy, and the presentation of creative solutions for waste reduction. 


Tetra Pak Thailand introduces "The Green Shelter Project," which focuses on recycling used beverage cartons to create construction materials for disaster-affected communities.  The predecessor of this initiative “The Green Roof Project” has successfully transformed thousands of tons of cartons into roofing sheets and expanded to produce eco-friendly construction materials. 


Sentinel presents pioneering water-saving technology from Sweden that can reduce water usage by an impressive 98% in just 60 seconds.  This technology aligns with Thailand's water conservation efforts, benefiting both urban and rural communities without requiring significant lifestyle changes. 


Hitachi Energy Thailand shares insights into sustainable asset replacement and decommissioning, stressing the importance of replacing aging equipment when retrofitting is no longer viable.  They specialise in environmentally friendly asset handling and the management of gases like SF6, offering solutions for aged transformers and complex installations. 


These initiatives collectively represent Sweden's commitment to sustainability and innovative solutions, aiming to address global challenges and promote environmentally responsible practices. 


Lars Svensson, Chairman of SweCham’s Sustainability Working Group, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "This is the second time that we are participating.  The sustainability topic is a part of a global movement, so the relevance is everywhere, no matter which country you are from.  This is something that brings people together.  The SX Sustainability Expo is a great platform that brings people together year after year to discuss, exchange, and find solutions." 


Don't miss the opportunity to explore the Sweden Pavilion at the SX Sustainability Expo 2023 and discover waste management innovations in sustainability that can benefit communities and the planet.  Join us from 29 September to 8 October at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.  Visit the Sweden Pavilion and be a part of the sustainability revolution. 


For more information about the SX Sustainability Expo, please visit 

Photo credit: ThaiBev

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