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The SweCham team set sail towards the Social Explorer

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30 Nov 2023

At an event inspired by the adventurous spirit of Leif Erikson, we embarked on a cultural voyage that perfectly blended Nordic exploration with Thai hospitality, set in an American environment at the JUSMAGTHAI bar.

This unique setting, steeped in both history and exclusivity, provided the perfect backdrop for an evening of networking and good fun. To engage the participants, there was a networking game designed to break the ice. The game involved cards that were cut up, and participants had to find their matching halves! The prize for the game was a raffle ticket, and for the lucky, fine prizes.

The event served as a precious reminder of the Nordics, evoking a sense of homesickness. This event fostered a sense of community, and we wish to extend our thanks to the Thai-Nordic Association, and to their chairman Kim Alexandersen and vice chairman Alexander Wetterling for inviting us to a wonderful evening!

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