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The University of Borås visited SweCham Office!

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28 May 2023

Big warm thanks to Dr. Klas Håkan Alm from University of Borås for visiting us at the SweCham office. Your visit was greatly appreciated, and we are very thankful for the opportunity to further strengthen the collaboration between Thailand and Sweden, especially in the academic sector

This visit offered us a chance to discuss our upcoming collaboration in Swedish Education and Career Days 2023, an expo for students keen to discover more about studying in Sweden. We are delighted to engage in fruitful discussions and genuinely value the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from your unique insights.

SweCham looks forward to continuing to foster this partnership and support academic institutions in both countries. If you are interested to learn more about study opportunities in Sweden, please stay tuned for more details about the upcoming OCSC International Education Expo 2023!

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