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AstraZeneca reveals 60% of people with high risk in Thailand are still affected by COVID-19

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19 Jul 2023

AstraZeneca released the result of a recent survey indicating that 60% of the sample group, including those with immunodeficiency and those at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, said that their daily lives are still affected by the pandemic. AstraZeneca announced their commitment to help these groups return to their normal lives through their previously launched campaign. 

The existing COVID vaccines and preventing measures might not be enough to protect those at risk from contracting COVID-19.  Additionally, 92% of the sample group revealed in the survey that they would like to gain more knowledge about other alternatives to prevent them from contracting the virus.  This reiterates the importance of creating awareness regarding COVID-19 and preventative measures as it will increase knowledge for the people at risk and encourage them to seek doctors’ advice.  AstraZeneca saw the importance in building a better understanding for those at risk, so that they can better protect themselves from COVID-19, aligning with their existing awareness campaign. Prioritising higher-risk individuals and those with immunodeficiency is essential to reduce severe illness and fatalities, so that they will be able to resume their normal life.  


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