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Camfil launched the world’s first Airgonomics training programme!

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23 Jun 2023

At Camfil, they believe clean air is a human right.  As they would like to offer premium clean air solutions for everyone, they present the world’s first Airgonomics training programme, Airgonomics 101, as part of the Chief Airgonomics Officer (CAO) initiative. 

This introductory training programme aims to raise awareness and equip professionals with the knowledge to ensure a healthier and safer workplace environment by practising Airgonomics that ensure indoor air quality (IAQ).  In addition, they have shared over 60 years of experience in improving IAQ. 

Discover Airgonomics 101 training programme at 

Camfil is happy to advise on the installation of air conditioning systems and air filters to suit all industrial operations 

  • Air filter (Air Filter) 

  • Air purifiers 

  • Industrial vacuum cleaner (Dust Collector) 

If you are interested, feel free to receive more details at 

Tel: 02-694-1480 



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