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PReMA is Poised to Propel Thai Medicine to the Forefront of Clinical Research in Southeast Asia

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14 Jun 2024

Medication has significantly increased human longevity by making diseases like diabetes and heart disease manageable.  However, new diseases require innovative drugs developed through clinical trials. Khun Roman Ramos, President of the Association of Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers (PReMA) and Country President of AstraZeneca Thailand, believes Thailand could become a clinical research hub in Southeast Asia due to its strong healthcare infrastructure and expert professionals. Government support, including streamlined approvals, tax incentives, and initiatives like the Eastern Economic Corridor, enhances this potential. Becoming a clinical research hub would boost Thailand's economy and improve public health by providing hospitals with better equipment and quicker drug market entry. Despite these advantages, challenges include extending research beyond urban hospitals and speeding up drug approvals. Overall, Khun Roman stresses the need for an improved ecosystem to fully realise this potential. 


Read the full article in Thai 


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