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Sasin’s Bold Move Towards Mainlining Sustainability

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23 Jun 2023

Sasin is actively working towards a sustainable future by addressing scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions through collaboration, innovative strategies, and stakeholder engagement.  A carbon accounting expert, Varoon Vanranyanood initiated and advised Sasin about the measure and maintaining Scope 3 emissions.  Furthermore, Sasin Sustainability & Entrepreneurship Center (SasinSEC) arranged SCG Bangkok Business Challenge 2023 Thailand Competition with the aim to merge cWallet application based on the technology developed by a participant from the event.  This application created smooth carbon footprint tracking, allowing Sasin to keep track of the progress.  Most importantly, Sasin encourages its stakeholders to be part of this sustainability progress.  This initiative by Sasin establishes a precedent for other organisations aiming to embrace technology while working towards a sustainable future. 

Photo credit: Sasin School of Management 


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