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Tetra Pak Delivers Prototype House Under Green Shelter Project to Disaster Victims

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24 Apr 2023

Tetra Pak (Thailand) Ltd. recently delivered the prototype house using recycled material to disaster victims in Suphan Buri as part of their Green Shelter Project.  In addition, the Green Shelter Project was initiated by Tetra Pak (Thailand) Ltd. in collaboration with key partners, such as Friends in Need (of ‘PA’) Volunteers Foundation, Relief and Community Health Bureau, the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, along with various companies in Thailand.  The project aims to raise awareness and create a network to collect used beverage cartons for recycling as new raw materials to produce recyclable products like building materials for homes.  This project not only helps reduce the impact on the environment but also helps the victims and those who lack opportunities, extending from caring for the environment to cooperation for the benefit of society. 

Photo credit: Tetra Pak (Thailand) Ltd. 


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