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Warm welcome to our new Start-Up Member, Bangkok Padel

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27 May 2024

SweCham would like to warmly welcome our new Start-Up Member, Bangkok Padel, to the Thai-Swedish business community!

At Bangkok Padel, they aim to offer a premium experience by combining the best of Thai hospitality and weather with the excitement of the fastest-growing sport in the world – Padel.

Their courts are of the best quality, and their location is unrivalled - located in downtown Bangkok.  You and your friends, partners, family and colleagues can enjoy the thrills of Padel and, at the same time, have immediate access to hotels, bars, spas, restaurants and public transportation.

Big warm welcome to the representative, Mr Anders Frummerin (Co-founder and Director)!

To learn more about Bangkok Padel and for queries, please email

For more information, please visit:

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